‘A Little Bit of Hope!’

The Sure Hope, because …

His name will be the Hope of all the world.”

 Matthew 12:21 (NLT)

Why you need to know the Hope

We don’t know if you have a faith, or believe in God; We don’t know where you are, or what your situation is; but we do know what it’s like to have little or no hope for a better tomorrow.

Because you have a past …

Let’s face it, we all have a past. Sometimes it’s a past to celebrate, to be proud of, that brings happy memories flooding back; sometimes it’s a past to regret, to be ashamed of, that brings painful memories flooding back; often it’s a mixture of both.


Because you have a future …

We all have dreams and desires, ambitions and aspirations. All too often, though, we allow our hurts to knock them out of us; we give up on our dreams and desires, we lose sight of our ambitions and aspirations.

What’s it all about?


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“Making a real difference in people’s lives, and in the community you live, by giving ‘A Little Bit of Hope!’ to those in need.”